Stabilized Rice Bran - Vita Bran®

Vita Bran® has been scientifically formulated in a collaborated effort between veterinarians, food scientists and equine nutritional experts. This uniquely formulated product is the best of equine technology and Mother Nature!

Recent studies have revealed the importance of good nutrition in managing the health risks faced by horses throughout their lives. A well balanced feed program is essential

Protect your horse with a quality supplement to help guard against vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Highly palatable and easily digestible, Vita Bran rice bran supplement can be a valuable part of your feed program.

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can produce a variety of conditions
in horses:

For example, signs of Vitamin A deficiency may include anorexia (loss of appetite), respiratory difficulties, reproductive failure, convulsive seizures, and blindness. Vitamin D deficiency reduces growth rate. A lack of Vitamin E combined with Selenium may result in White Muscle Disease.

Mineral deficiencies can be equally as severe. As in humans, Iron deficiency can produce anemia while a Phosphorus deficiency will result in Rickets in young animals and soft bones in mature horses.

Horses utilize fat to supply energy reserves and protein for muscle formation and conditioning. Rice bran is a natural source of fat and high quality protein. It will induce weight gain and adds noticeable bloom and shine to your horse's coat.

Nutritional Information

Vita Bran® is rice bran (with germ) stabilized with heat and mixed natural tocopherols and an added vitamin and mineral package all blended into a soft pellet for easy ingestion by young and old horses alike.

Convenient, economical and effective -- trust Vita Bran® to supply a complete nutritional supplement for your horses.

Additional nutritional information

Nutrient   Major Function(s)
Protein   Muscle
Fat   Body Reserves
Vitamin A   Eyes, Skin, Appetite
Vitamin D3   Bones
Vitamin E   Muscles, Metabolism
Niacin   Nerves, Metabolism
Thiamin   Nerves, Metabolism
Riboflavin   Enzymes
Biotin   Hoofs, Tissue
Phosphorus   Bones, Metabolism
Potassium   Body Fluids
Magnesium   Bones, Teeth, Enzymes
Iron   Blood
Sulphur   Hoofs, Connective Tissue
Copper   Blood, Bones
Selenium   Muscles
Manganese   Metabolism, Enzymes
Iodine   Thyroid
Cobalt   Blood
Zinc   Metabolism
Beta Carotene   Natural Source of Vitamin A
Calcium   Bones, Body Fluid, Muscle, Enzyme

Real California Rice Bran

Vita Bran uses Real California Rice Bran™ fortified with additional vitamins, minerals and Biotin to produce the finest quality feed supplement you can buy. And, Vita Bran is stabilized with heat and mixed natural tocopherols to ensure quality and long-lasting freshness.

Recommended Daily Feeding

Mature horses or mules
Maintenance 1/2 to 1 Ib
Moderate working horse 1 to 1 1/2Ibs

Intense working horse 1 to 1 1/2 Ibs
Lactating mares in foal 1 to 1 1/2 Ibs

Young horses  
Weanlings 1/2 Ib
Yearlings 1 Ib

No mixing required. Just place in feeder or on hay daily.

Advantages Of Vita Bran® Rice Bran

Made Of Rice Bran
Natural source of fat & protein
Added Vitamins, Minerals
Scientifically formulated
Added Biotin
No additional mixing
Soft Pellets
Cleaner, kss waste, less dust
Easily Digestible (80.1 Tdn)
Good for horses of all ages
Promotes Weight Gain
Fat supplies reliable energy reserves
Easy To Use
Convenient, just pour on hay
Cost Effective
Reduces grain and other supplements.

Detailed ingredients

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