Performance Supplement - Vita Bran®

Vita Bran® Performance Supplement consists of stabilized rice bran pellets formulated with high quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals to give your horse optimum nutrition. Add to existing forage or ration. Questions? Contact us—we'd love to help!

Features & Benefits

Pelleted Less waste, no mixing
Soft pellet, easy for Senior horses to eat
Complete vitamins / extra mineral No need to add additional supplements
Balanced Ca:Ph ratio No need to add additional mineral supplements
Highly palatable Horses love the great taste, no waste
Reduces incidence of colic and other digestive upsets
High Fat-18% Energy dense; tendency to have calming effect due to calories from fat
Coat conditioner Adds luster and shine to horse's coat
Added Biotin Increases hoof health condition
High quality protein-11% Promotes muscle development and function
Balanced supplement Add to existing balanced feed or forage
Cost effective High quality supplement. No need for additional mineral, fat, coat or hoof conditioners. It's all in one bag!
Crude protein
Crude fat 18%
Crude fiber 9% max

The Best of Mother Nature and Equine Technology!

Vita Bran has been scientifically formulated in a collaborative effort between veterinarians, food scientists and equine nutritional experts. It is naturally preserved by using natural Tocopherols.

Daily Feeding Recommendations

Mature horses or mules  
Maintenance 1 Ib
Moderate working horse 1 to 1 1/2Ibs
Intense working horse  
Mares late gestation 1 to 1 1/2Ibs
Lactating mares  
Young horses  
Weanlings 1/2Ibs to 1lbs
Yearlings 1 Ib

(approximately 3 cups equals one pound) No mixing required. Just place in feeder or on hay daily.

Read what users are saying about VitaBran Joint Care Performance Supplements!

"I just wanted to write you and tell you what an amazing product you have. I have been using the Vita Bran Joint Care Supplement for a couple years now. I have a 31 year old Running Quarter gelding. I've had him for almost 23 years now. Before I got him he was jumped on a daily basis. He's 15 hands & was being jumped over 5 ft jumps everyday. As he got into his later 20's I retired him. I noticed him in a lot of discomfort. He wouldn't go any faster than a trot even when the other horses ran in the pasture. After a week or so of giving him your supplement, he now will run around with his tail in the air. He's back to his "I'm the coolest" personality. I have taken him off of it in the summer before and he went right back to just trotting. I keep him on it year round now. He's happy, so I'm happy. My mom & I both have 28 year olds that we still ride. We give them the Vita Bran also. They are doing so great that there's no way we're going to stop giving it to them. Thanks again!"

Your loyal customer, Melanie

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