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NCG Foods & Vita Bran® prides itself in providing the Finest Equine Nutritional Supplements in the market place today; while achieving the most cost effective and time efficient feeding solutions for consumers and equine professionals alike. As a result we are providing business opportunities for entrepreneurs to build on our established success, by providing you with the tools and products necessary to build your own successful business. In the following material you will have the opportunity to ponder this life changing investment and explore several strategies in which you may grow your business.

We are an NCG Foods affiliate, providing Equine Health, Wellness, and Performance Products. Vita Bran has redefined the standards in Client Care by
providing Equine Sports Medicine Services throughout the western United States, utilizing multiple units in the field, attending competitive equine events in selected markets. Vita Bran's® mission is to make good horses great, and great horses even better, thus the competitive landscape has once again been elevated to a new level. As an incentive we are providing our clients with equine sports medicine services at no cost or extremely low cost, based on their product purchases. Thru innovation, technology, and strategic relationships Vita Bran® provides the highest quality products and services at the lowest cost available today, while providing Investors, Distributors, and Dealers with substantial returns.

Our products are currently being utilized by some of the top trainers in the United States, including Kathy Daughn, Gary Gonsalves, Gavin Jordan, Phil Hanson, Jack Adams, David Costello, Rody Witman, JB McClain, Larry Chastain, Brad Vauhn, Keith Kitchen, Tim Castalaiw, Jack Hitchings, and Ted Robinson, to
mention only a few.

We at Vita Bran® would like to thank you, for expressing interest in our company and extend to you a warm welcome into becoming a part of our Family of Champions.

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Charles D. Blackburn
Chief Executive Officer

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Read what users are saying about VitaBran Joint Care Performance Supplements!

"I just wanted to write you and tell you what an amazing product you have. I have been using the Vita Bran Joint Care Supplement for a couple years now. I have a 31 year old Running Quarter gelding. I've had him for almost 23 years now. Before I got him he was jumped on a daily basis. He's 15 hands & was being jumped over 5 ft jumps everyday. As he got into his later 20's I retired him. I noticed him in a lot of discomfort. He wouldn't go any faster than a trot even when the other horses ran in the pasture. After a week or so of giving him your supplement, he now will run around with his tail in the air. He's back to his "I'm the coolest" personality. I have taken him off of it in the summer before and he went right back to just trotting. I keep him on it year round now. He's happy, so I'm happy. My mom & I both have 28 year olds that we still ride. We give them the Vita Bran also. They are doing so great that there's no way we're going to stop giving it to them. Thanks again!"

Your loyal customer, Melanie

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