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Production of Vita Bran is temporarily suspended as a result of Purina terminating the manufacturing for any products other than their own brand.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are researching other equine specialty production and manufacturing facilities. As you may know, Vita Bran only utilizes equine safe facilities, which means no ruminate product or impurities to ensure the health and well-being of your best friend.

We thank our customers for your support and loyalty over the years and have had many inquiries due to this unfortunate change. It is our hope to continue producing Vita Bran for the many devoted consumers that use our product.

Please check back at a later time for an update.

Vita Bran® offers the best in stabilized rice bran products available for your horses. Stabilized rice bran is the basis for the 2 equine supplements. Both come in 35 lb bags and the rations are pelleted. Horses love the great taste and the nutritional benefits! Soft pellet form that even senior horses can eat!

Rice bran comes from the milling process of brown rice. After rice has been hulled, rice bran is actually the thin, outer layer of the rice kernel that gives brown rice its color and gets removed when white rice is milled.

It is a nutrient rich source that is bio-available and very digestible for horses. Our rice bran is naturally stabilized through a heating process. The heating process deactivates an enzyme that would normally break down the oils and make rice bran rancid. We have special technology for the stabilization process so that our rice bran maintains its nutrient rich state, and also allows for a longer shelf life.

Vita Bran® can be fed to horses and mules of all ages. Please refer to feeding recommendations on the bag or visit the product web pages.

Vita Bran® Therapeutic Trailer

Vita Bran® Therapeutic Trailer is equipped for equine therapy with new, state of the art Therascopes for soft tissue micro-stimulation. The trailer also contains state of the art equipment for digitally computerized radiographs, infrared technology and more. The trailer will be at several major events and may be available for private visits to Vita Bran® customers' ranches or farms. Vita Bran® is interested in helping to maintain our equine athletes in peak performance shape!

Read what users are saying about VitaBran Joint Care Performance Supplements!

"I just wanted to write you and tell you what an amazing product you have. I have been using the Vita Bran Joint Care Supplement for a couple years now. I have a 31 year old Running Quarter gelding. I've had him for almost 23 years now. Before I got him he was jumped on a daily basis. He's 15 hands & was being jumped over 5 ft jumps everyday. As he got into his later 20's I retired him. I noticed him in a lot of discomfort. He wouldn't go any faster than a trot even when the other horses ran in the pasture. After a week or so of giving him your supplement, he now will run around with his tail in the air. He's back to his "I'm the coolest" personality. I have taken him off of it in the summer before and he went right back to just trotting. I keep him on it year round now. He's happy, so I'm happy. My mom & I both have 28 year olds that we still ride. We give them the Vita Bran also. They are doing so great that there's no way we're going to stop giving it to them. Thanks again!"

Your loyal customer, Melanie

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